We are 501c(3) that is dedicated to serving and empowering our local and global disability communities through the resources such as 3D printing, 3D scanning, research, and development.


With every interaction, discussion, and project, we want to display the love of Christ to our partners, clients, and volunteers.

Globally Minded

We want to be globally minded so far, we have worked on projects in countries such as Colombia, Honduras, and Myanmar.

Outreach Driven

We are continually looking for ways to expand our reach to continue making prosthetics for children locally and supporting health clinics globally.

Leadership Focused

Our goal is to equip not only our volunteers but also individuals around the country to serve those around them well.

We seek to empower encourage equip the limb different community.

“I love using the gifts the Lord has given me to serve and equip others.”

Connor Hart

President & Regional Site Director

Our Mission

To work with the local community to provide clients with 3D printed prosthetics and to empower partners around the world by equipping them with equipment and supplies to provide their own 3D printed prosthetics to their communities.

Partner With Us To Help Our Impact Grow.

Thank you for making our work possible!

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