New Year’s Resolutions

January has come once again. It may not feel like winter here in Southwest Ohio, but we at the Hands of Hope Foundation know as well as anyone that the new year is upon us. As such, we thought we would share some of our “resolutions”,to let you know what we’ll be working on throughout the rest of the year.

New Year, New Look

One of the most important tools we could have as an organization is a good-looking website. It allows us to share news, what we do, and how to contribute to our cause. And while our current website works well enough to meet those needs, we think it’s about time to give it a fresh coat of paint. Thanks to the loving labor of our Media Director, Catherine McGill, we’ll be preparing to launch our brand new website by the end of Spring 2020. This is something she’s been working on for a long time and we’re so excited to see it launch later this year.

New Year, New Faces

Many hands make light work. And what would the Hands Of Hope Foundation be without “hands”? Each of our volunteers is a valued member of our team and we are always excited to welcome newcomers. This year, we will be introducing new members to our Production, Outreach, Media and Marketing teams. Members of these teams have the opportunity to make a difference in their own special ways. Whether it’s telling stories on our website, advertising on Facebook and Instagram, or designing and printing prosthetics for clients, everyone has a “hand” in accomplishing our mission effectively.

New Year, New Work To Be Done

As we move forward in 2020, we can’t wait to help empower more people in the limb difference community with the tools and skills at our disposal. We are excited to announce that we will once again be able to resume operations in customizing 3D printed limbs for new clients. Since officially establishing the Hands of Hope Foundation chapter at Cedarville University last year, we had to go on a bit of a hiatus to train our new volunteers in how to operate our 3D printing equipment, customize prosthetic models, and properly serve our clients. Our teams have been working hard all year and are eager to start serving once again, both at home and with some partners overseas. By the end of the year, our Production teams will be back to doing what they do best. Keep your eyes open for more updates as we continue to serve others around the world.

Thank You

As we prepare for the new peaks and valleys this year, we want to pause and thank you for believing in us. It’s because of people like you who share our vision and ask how you can help that we are able to continue to serve others the way we do. Your donations help support our projects, your likes and follows on social media help spread our message, and your prayers keep us grounded and encouraged in our journey. This year in 2020, the Hands of Hope Foundation is prepared to go where we never have before, and we’re grateful that you’d come alongside us to see that journey through.

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