Our Story

It All Started In The Summer of 2015

The team of highschoolers working on Hope’s arm.

A team of four high-school students volunteered to design a 3-D printed prosthetic for 7-year-old girl named Hope. Led by their engineering teacher, Peter Leeper, the team researched, experimented, and tested models for months. A year after meeting Hope for the first time, they presented her with the final arm, personalized just for her. Hope’s family could see that the whole process had boosted her self-esteem. She was now proud to show off her unique arm and her prosthetic to her friends.

The Cedarville Chapter team.

The students formed the Hands of Hope club shortly after completing Hope’s arm. They worked with several other clients to create personalized prosthetics but it wasn’t long before the school decided to drop the club from the lack of interest from students. One member of the club, however, didn’t want to see this unique opportunity stop. In 2018, Connor Hart founded The Hands of Hope Foundation – an official non-profit so that kids could continue to be empowered by 3-D printing technology.